About The Book


With God’s Grace … takes you into the lives of five women seeking the meaning of grace. Do you know what grace feels like? Is it real? How do you get it? Do you have to earn it?

Starting as strangers, their stories became entwined weaving themes of childlike trust, healing and forgiveness. They bring you along in their soul-searching experiences to discover grace is real and how much God loves you.

His gift is not one-size-fits-all but is specifically designed for the person receiving it. Through their trials, God reaches out with different paths of grace. In their cries for help, they don’t always get what they ask for. But with overwhelming challenges God showers overwhelming grace.

Along the way they offer reflections to explore grace in your own life. Once you start understanding how to look and ask for it, you will be astounded by God’s gift.

God’s grace…

 Is the gold thread which is woven through the fabric of my life.

The tapestry is full of designs and patterns which interconnect.

 It is not complicated.

 It is strong and straight.

 God’s golden thread of grace is always present even when we don’t see it or feel it.

 It stands out above the busyness.

 It is brilliant.

 It is consistent.

 The tapestry has many rough spots which are uncomfortable to touch.

 It has holes, bumps and places that are worn.

 Some spots you do not want to touch.

 Many other spots are smooth, silky and comforting.

 There are places where your fingers do not want to leave.

 The gold thread is the grace of God which is the light that shines through the darkness.

 It is our strength.

 It is Jesus.


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